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Pelican Pointe Apartment Bedroom

The Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom is a nice comfort zone that expresses a warm ambience of restfulness with a rich wall paint of pastel colors that would make you relax rest and sleep as long as you wish.

At the Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom, you enjoy the high ceiling and experience the wide space and ultimate comfort of your bedrooms with wide closets that does not reduce your bedroom space. 

Just before you go inside your bedroom, you will find the carpeted floor and warm ambiance of the Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom an excellent mode to live, as a larger space results in greater breathing space for you. 

You can easily crossover to the bathroom just straight ahead for a refreshing warm shower, and then come back to bed again for an extended rest, undisturbed and ready for the challenges of the next day at the Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom.

The Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom expresses an even warmer ambiance with its stylish but comfy bed embedded with dark brown wood maple cabinets. The wide glass windows are covered by a white curtain and blinds to control lighting from the outside and ensure your privacy. The soft, light brown carpet enables you to walk through on barefoot and feel the warmth of the floor. Two framed paintings adorn the wall of the room close to the bed.

Near your bed’s side cabinet where a table lamp illuminates the room is a white set of wooden rectangular designs. Open up the folding door and a wide closet appears to hang your clothes. Above the closet is a pendant lamp to add art lighting, as a feature of Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom.

Two or more persons can utilize the Pelican Pointe Apartment bedroom at the same time adding a touch of greater functionality. You may wish to take a warm shower before retiring for the night before retiring. 

The Pelican Pointe Apartment is north of Jacksonville proper and is near a number of landmarks within its area. The picturesque site consists of about 15 apartment building complexes laid out in a circular fashion with a small lake at the center. 

Each large duplex cluster of apartments consists of the Studio type of apartment, the 1 bed, 1 bath and the 2-bed 1 bath apartments. Ample surface parking is available by the roadside close to the apartments. The clusters are designed to optimize space.

You can come and see our community at Pelican Pointe, 1333 Dunn Ave Jacksonville, FL 32218 and we would be glad to tour you around. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 751-5353, or send us a message through our website .



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